The Author

Noa Raban


Hi, I’m Noa. 

When I had my second child, I was married with an 11-year-old kid. Still, there were many moments when I felt alone. My husband was working late, my 11-year-old was busy doing his own thing and I was lonely.  

Knowing many mothers, especially to newborns, feeling as alone as I did, I made this book for you. It will be there in the middle of the night when you feed your baby while your partner is fast asleep, or when your baby has been crying for hours and you can’t tell whether they’re hungry or gassy, or when you feel that everyone else has a life, that all other moms have figured it out and  that there’s a club you just weren’t invited to.  

The truth is there is no club and there’s nothing to figure out:  we are all alike in our pain and our joy. Most important: it doesn’t have to feel so lonely.  They say it takes a village- and it does. The real Wonder Woman knows how to ask for help when she needs it, this is truly where our 'super- power' lies.

I hope this book will bring you comfort and a sense of sisterhood.  If not, just use it to throw at your partner when they are being indifferent, so even if they don’t read it, it would still hit them in the head.